Texas Roadhouse

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5019 Keystone Crossing
Eau Claire, WI

Breakfast: No

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What a disappointment! Get this: when you get your tab for the bar, it will read something like this: $1.75 Bloody Mary Mix $12.00 Premium Vodka $1.50 tap beer Yup, $15.25 for ONE bloody mary equivalent in size to a 10oz. glass. Beer chaser was served in a Manhattan glass...filled not even 1/2 way (for additional $1.50, mind you). I assumed (stupid me) that I was going to get 'rail' vodka, not PREMIUM...& the taste was BLAND. Garnish was 2 olives. I did complain to the waitress to which I got "sorry". On the plus side, the catfish I ordered was very good, but with the bloody mary price (which was MORE than the meal) sorely outweighed ANY positive.
- 2013-02-02 19:08:19