Paradiso Trattoria

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654 Cannery Row
Monterey, CA

Breakfast: No

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This Bloody Mary has no place on map devoted to honoring the best in the biz, however, it offered such a foul experience I decided to use this platform to vent and warn others, so they don't make the same mistakes I did. Normally I don't order Bloody Mary's for lunch, or at Italian restaurants, but I noticed they were on special for $4 when I walked in and figured "what the hell, I'm on vacation". When the waiter brought me my drink it offered a disappointing lack of salad, only a few green olives and celery, not even a pickle for christs sake. To make matters worse, salad wasn't the only thing missing in this drink, it seemed to be utterly lacking alcohol content. Nonetheless, despite consuming only a minuscule amount of booze, I became violently ill less than an hour after drinking this bloody, to the point where we had to pull the car over on Highway 101 so I could wretch on the side of the road. And as if losing a day of my vacation (and my stomach contents) wasn't a big enough price to pay for this lousy drink, upon closer inspection of my receipt, I noticed I hadn't even gotten it at the special $4 price and had been charged a whopping $8. fail
- 2013-04-05 07:27:22