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W Main St
Mt Hope, WI

Breakfast: No

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User Ratings
sowrpdpig: half Starblank Starblank Starblank Starblank Star (0.5 stars)
Spice: blank Star
Salad: blank Star
Size: half Star
Strength: blank Star
Cost: blank Star
This Bloody was very bland and plain. Not sure how it had good ratings. The camouflage thongs for sale near our table were a nice touch though.
- 2016-12-04 20:57:13
Sweetpea: single Starsingle Starsingle Starsingle Starsingle Star (5 stars)
Spice: single Star
Salad: single Star
Size: single Star
Strength: single Star
Cost: single Star
You get a beef stick, mushroom, celery stick, pickle, and an olive. Perfect flavor and spice. You can get it mild to spicy. Price was right and you can get a tall glass or a short one.
- 2012-01-16 08:17:29