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1849 Northport Drive
Madison, WI

Breakfast: No

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Wagon: single Starsingle Starhalf Starblank Starblank Star (2.5 stars)
Spice: blank Star
Salad: half Star
Size: half Star
Strength: single Star
Cost: half Star
Too much horseradish for me. Way too overpowering. In fact, it was the first bloody in a long while that I didn't even want to finish. And to top it off, the service was terrible (Note, it was semi-busy but staff still stood around the bar chatting with each other). Only bright spot was that the booze factor was high. A situation where the star-ratings make it seem better than it is.
- 2010-02-03 13:35:30
Radio Flyer: single Starsingle Starsingle Starsingle Starblank Star (4 stars)
Spice: half Star
Salad: single Star
Size: single Star
Strength: half Star
Cost: single Star
Benvenuto's recently went the route of the popular BM Bar. You figure the bars gotta love it because there are no complaints about the concoction you created yourself! Anyway, this was a great deal. 1/3 of a pint glass of vodka and then your choice of salad and spices. The mixt they had was okay. Just your typical tomatoey goodness, but nothing to write home about. The choices for spice were: celery salt, salt, pepper, tobasco, worchest, and A-1. The salad items were: pepperoni, onion, mushroom, olives, pickles, beans, and asparagus. They did keep the BM bar area very tidy (as is a frequent problem I've found in this set up). The prices were very good as well - $4.50 for rail and $5.50 for Absolut with a chaser.
- 2009-12-01 11:13:12