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The Wicked Hop: single Starsingle Starsingle Starsingle Starsingle Star (5 stars)
Spice: single Star
Salad: single Star
Size: single Star
Strength: single Star
Cost: single Star
My friend and I had brunch at The Wicked Hop and decided to get The Glass Slipper. Here is how it is listed on their website- "The Glass Slipper: $37.50 (Requires a $75 deposit) Our house recipe bloody mary served in a 96.628 oz. German Boot with all of the accessories." Now keep in mind the price of this because you may think even though it is huge that this is expensive. Well this Bloody is meant to be shared. It came with FOUR of each of the following: Shrimp, Lemons, Beef Sticks, Mushrooms, Olives and Pickles. It also is topped with tons of shoestring mozzarella sticks which were also delicious! You get 6 chaser's of Lakefront Brewery Beer (which is also amazing) and if you are like us you will get way more that 6 of them. The chasers are approx 10oz each. The German Boot that the Bloody is served in is just like the ones the guys drink out of in the movie "BeerFest" or the one you can get at Old German Beer Hall in Milwaukee. The Bloody itself was delicious as well, perfect combo of tomato juice, vodka and spice!!! Our brunch was also delicious! Go to The Wicked Hop on Sunday's for Bloody's and Brunch for a great time!!! Ask to have Andrea as your server...she was great and got us all those chasers!!!
- 2010-01-18 09:45:52