Greg R.

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Comet Cafe: single Starsingle Starsingle Starsingle Starsingle Star (5 stars)
Spice: single Star
Salad: single Star
Size: single Star
Strength: single Star
Cost: single Star
This bloody is mixed with Guinness and a slice of bacon in the salad. It also automatically comes with a shorty of Miller High Life. All in all this stands alone as one of the best bloodys I have experienced.
- 2009-06-25 01:25:12
The Sunroom Cafe: single Starhalf Starblank Starblank Starblank Star (1.5 stars)
Spice: half Star
Salad: blank Star
Size: blank Star
Strength: blank Star
Cost: single Star
Well, this drink lacked in almost everything. It was served in a water glass with half a cucumber slice, a lemon wedge and a tiny green pepper sliver. Looks aside, I could not taste any alcohol, and the aftertaste reminded me of soap. In short, do not try this establishment for a bloody mary.
- 2008-10-01 22:05:47