The Valley Tap House

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14889 Florence Trail
Apple Valley, MN

Serves Breakfast: Yes

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This bloody is the best, period. The peppery, somewhat smokey, spicy, semi-herby, friggin amazing body is perfectly paired with a cucumber infused vodka to give it a fresh pop - the rim blend is like nothing I've had anywhere else, and I have bloody's pretty much everywhere I go...and I go a lotta places. The salad is close to perfect, apple wood smoked bacon, good peppery cheese, pepperoncini, lime...and more, it's fantastic! I have searched for a better bloody and have yet to find one...the Valley Tap House is the winner in my book. If you're up for brunch, the price is perfect, but order 1 meal and share, unless you're a big eater. & Pull-Tabs, who needs anything more?? My husband loves the beer selection about the perfect spot for Sunday lunch or brunch! Now I want one of their bloodys...

- nenalea on Sunday August 11, 2013

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