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The S Requirements

We have developed a comprehensive rating system for Bloody Marys served in restaurants and bars.

The Bloody Mary is broken down into five Ss for ranking purposes:

Spice: A Bloody Mary should have, at a minimum, a combination of hot spices, Worcestershire sauce, celery salt and pepper for one star.
Size: The Bloody Mary should be served in a glass that is larger than the typical rocks glass to earn a star.
Salad: The creativity shows up here. The drink will need to have, at minimum, one item for half a star. Beyond that, you can decide if the available toppings deserve a full star!
Strength: This is a hard one to judge, but if one serving takes care of a hangover, or strikes up a buzz, then it gets the star.
($) Cost: Was the Bloody worth what you paid? Rate accordingly. We generally think a Bloody should cost around $10.00