Silver Spigot Saloon

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116 East Amelia Street
Cassville, WI

Serves Breakfast: No

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This is probably the best bloody Mary I've ever had! They don't pile it up with an entire meal, you get 2 large olives, a pickle spear & sometimes pickled asparagus. Absolutely no reason to add anything else! The reason we stopped into the small town of Cassville while on motorcycle ride on the Mississippi River Great River Road from WI's east side, was the entire trip was planned based on hearing from friends in Chicago that the Silver Spigot Saloon had the best bloody on the big muddy. Believe me they do! We talked with the owners about their bloody Mary's and how people are calling them the best bloody on the big muddy and they said we've been told that numerous times & are extremely proud that people from all over the tri-states area and beyond say that about them! They are currently trying to partner with one of the areas many vodka distilleries in order to bring them to market. I for one will be extremely happy to be able to pick up a bottle of these out of the world bloody Mary's at my local store! I would recommend to any bloody Mary aficionado that the trip to this river side saloon is well worth the trip & a bonus is you get to see some of the most beautiful areas along the mighty Mississippi River!

- Red dog 1 on Wednesday September 6, 2017

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