FuNuGyz Sports Tavern

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17785 Cottonwood Drive
Parker, CO

Serves Breakfast: Yes

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FuNuGyz has the biggest Bloody Mary Bar i have ever seen. It was a vitual buffet of Bloody delight. What i thought was really amazing is that they freeze all of there vodka so that it does not melt the ice when you pour it into the glass. I had never thought of that. They told me that if you keep the vodkas at room temperature then pour it in the glass it delutes the Bloody when it melts the ice. They also had bacon infused vodka. That seemed horrible at first thought. But that was the most amazing Bloody Mary my wife and I have ever had. $2 for well bloodys, $3 for Skyy and $4 for absolut seemed like a great deal to me. Check it out. They had a great omelet bar and brunch items to go with the whole experience.

- mikep on Tuesday September 8, 2009

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